Want protection for your vehicle, but don’t want textured body-liner?

Protection so good you can’t see it!

Body-Liner is an advancement in spray on bedliner coatings that has taken the market by storm.

This paint replacement product can have finished surfaces from Textured to Smooth & Ultra Smooth, it is the most versatile product on the market today.

Many Body-Liner clients get a mix of both Textured & Smooth protection

This Blue Ford has textured Body-Liner on the bumpers, rockers & flares, smooth Body-Liner on the mirror caps and ultra- smooth Body-Liner on the door handles.

What's Different about Body-Liner you ask?


Three Finish Options

Body-Liner has 3 finishes available, Textured, Smooth & Ultra-Smooth. Body-Liner’s unique protected formula has adjustable gloss levels from Textured, Smooth & Ultra-Smooth finishes, with a high gloss to matte, with a color match, all the way through.

With Body-Liner the transitions can be made natural and sleek without an ‘abrupt’ shelf. The transition from paint to Body-liner is a thin rolled edge unlike the thick edge of bed liners. That combined with the highest gloss levels in the industry it’s hard to see this protection!

High Gloss & Smooth

Who would have ever thought you could get bed liner protection from a paint replacement product with a mirrored gloss finish

We have worked hard to perfect our formula to be as smooth as possible, match the hardest to match colors, and look almost like paint.

It has the highest UV & Petro-Chemical resistance available so it will not fade like other liners. The hardness is adjustable from as rubbery as a tire (to deflect rocks) to as hard as a puck (for deck tops).

BODY-LINER is clear, so it's the right color all the way through. All three BODY LINER finishes are High Gloss & Colored Matched

Our Color Three Finishes is what makes Body Liner Different


The highest gloss best matching, best washing textured liner in the industry


The best mix between
protection & style.


The look of paint with the protection of liner.